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New Rejean Venne Podcast

New Rejean Venne Podcast

First episode out now on all platforms.

This week I decided to try something new. I will try and regularly accompany by articles with a podcast to provide additional insight on the story. This podcast will also give those who don’t have a chance to read my sometimes long articles to lsiten to the story instead.

Anyways, have a listen and let me know what you think. I’ve made it available on all the other podcast platforms. Just search “Rejean Venne”.

Episode Details:

This week it was disclosed that Health Canada had an unknown write-off of $150M on their balance sheet. After being pressed for details, they had to admit that it was due to unfulfilled vaccine contracts with Medicago Inc which shut down operations earlier this year. This was in addition to the $173M donation they gave this company Inc in 2020 shortly before they started winding down their Quebec-based business.

Medicago is a vaccine manufacturer who promised to create the world’s first plant based COVID vaccine. But it’s multi-billion dollar parent company shut down operations this year. They claim it is because of “significant changes in the COVID-19 vaccine landscape”.

But the story is much bigger than this. Medicago has been in operation since 1999. In 2015, years before we even heard the word COVID, they announced a new $245M manufacturing plant in Quebec City.

  • Why did the company decide to shut down operations less than three years after receiving $173M in government subsidies and the largest commitment of sales it ever saw?

  • Why did the CEO (a former Tobacco executive) leave mere weeks after the company received it’s biggest windfall in it’s 22-year history?

  • Why did Health Canada approve Medicago’s COVID therapeutic which had an incredibly high adverse events rate (likely being the reason why no other country approved this shot)?

  • Why did the Canadian government give potentially hundreds of millions of dollars to a Tobacco manufacturer that it is actively suing for lying to Canadians for decades and costing us trillions in health care costs?

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